background painting by Lara Summerville/Mandala by Fatima Lassar
Sufi Dance & Song Album - The Sufi Choir

Listen to 'Temple round (This is Not My Body)' from The Sufi Dance and Song Album

The Sufi Dance and Song Album (1975)

  • Introductory Bismillah
  • As Salaam Dance
  • As Salamm Duet
  • Three Divine Attributes Walk
  • Allah-Ho-Akbar / Ya Azeem / Ya Hayy …
  • ’Tis the Gift to be Simple
  • Temple Round (This is Not My Body)
  • Dervish Bismillah Dance / Chanted Zikr
  • Universal Worship Dance & Round
  • God of Beauty Round
  • What Wondrous Love
  • Subhan Allah
  • Ya Az’m / Dervish Cycle, Part I / Allah …
  • Hymn to the Prophet
  • Dervish Cycle, Parts II, III
  • Ya Jamil Round
  • Jesus Is Our Sun … Kalama Dance / Free Allah

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