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Café Hafiz$14
Antiphons Across Time$14
Songs of Samsara$14
The Ghost Opera$14
Rumi & Strings$14
Game / No Game$14
Second Nature$14
Streaming Wisdom / In the Wind$14
Say I Am You$14
The Bloom$14
This Marriage$14
Three Compositions for Piano$14

Sufi Choir CDs

The Best of the Sufi Choir - A Jubilee Collection$14
The Blue Album $10
Cryin' for Joy $10
The Sufi Dance and Song Album$10
Stone in the Sky$10
The Sufi Choir Sings Robert Bly's Versions of Kabir$10

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The following are available from other sources:

Bridge of Waves: What Music Is and How Listening to It Changes the WorldShambhala Publications
The Listening Book: Discovering Your Own MusicShambhala Publications
The Musical Life: Reflections on What It Is and How to Live ItShambhala Publications
Harmonic Experience: Tonal Harmony From Its Natural Origins to Its Modern ExpressionInner Traditions International
The Indian ParrotMutable Music
Jataka Tales (read by Ellen Burstyn; musical accompaniment by Allaudin Mathieu) cassetteBarnes and Noble
Standards In Silhouette; Stan Kenton (arrangements by W.A.Mathieu) CDCD Universe
Duke Ellington: Piano in the Background (arrangements by W.A.Mathieu) CDCD Universe