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This Marriage W.A. Mathieu

Listen to 'O Eee-Eye-Oh' from This Marriage

This Marriage (2002)

Rumi speaks of union with the divine — the Beloved — as a marriage. The title duet of this album offers images that remind us of such unions: honey dissolving in milk, women laughing together for days on end, the leaves and fruit of a date tree, a pale moon in a light blue sky. Musical duets can be like fine marriages in high art, replete with intimacy, ongoing trust, passionate joining, the cool trick of hearing the sound of another emanating from yourself, the being in another, but via the music. Athletes, actors, strangers, and all varieties of ensemble musicians know this; all compassionate and empathetic people know this — it’s a special form of the primordial connection. The special-ness of this album consists in friendships long and deep. The current of love running through these friendships is absolutely personal yet universal in the same moment. It can be playful as kids horsing around in the den, or being secretly dangerous together in the woods. Maybe I’d tousle my friend’s red hair, or dare my big sister to jump over a ditch; maybe forty years of passing in and out of each other’s lives opens out into this chord, this string’s down bow, the sudden rightness of this gong stroke, or a melted life of thankfulness in one of Devi’s long melismatic glides.

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