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Transparencies - William Allaudin Mathieu


The sound of piano music when the pianist and the listener both become transparent.

The Magic Clavier Book II - William Allaudin Mathieu


The harmonic satisfaction of pan-modal music traveling through keys and returning home—myriad journeys of mysterious beauty fashioned from only twelve tones.

Bridge of Waves - W.A. Mathieu

My memoir, The Shrine Thief: Finding Wisdom in a Life of Music, has been five years in the writing, the first two spent rereading every word I ever wrote including volumes of journals and a file cabinet full of letters to and from. Then came the years of writing and revising, editing, designing, and selecting seventy photographs. Writing can be a powerful zone (as you know) but I am a musician by trade and temperament. Musical tones don’t mean anything outside of themselves as words do. “The sky” points us to an experience; a musical tone is pure experience itself, and it is enough for me. Language can be a burden. Unsurprisingly, writing books renders me insane. In order to remain human during those writing years, I became an ever more prolific composer, page after page of music streaming through.

Thank you my friends, my big family, Namaste.

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