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This release from Mutable Music presents three delightful pieces by W. A. Mathieu.

A Parrot, Three Fish and a Donkey

For three singers and small ensemble, this is a modern piece with a medieval text, and medieval sensibilities have worked their way into the musical fabric: the small percussion instruments, the instrumental range lying (for the most part) within the range of the human voice, and, most of all, the harmony, which is a kind of modulating modality. Inspired by the universality of Rumi’s poems, Mathieu felt especially free in this piece to borrow from many centuries of Eastern and Western harmonic practice.

Gourd Music

A resonant solo piano piece in four movements, is reminiscent of hollow growing things.

The Blind Beekeeper

For baritone and piano, is a setting of Daniel Abdal-Hayy Moore’s wonderful poem.