Errata for Harmonic Experience (first edition only)

Page Correction
24, line 7 form (not from)
25, line 2 In the first line after ex. 4.4, delete “So by octave reduction” and add “Thus” so that the sentence now begins, “Thus, a scalar…….”
31, table 5.1 sa (italics)
80, line 2 The sentence should begin, “Notice that the tone D has (in the lattice)……” The next sentence should begin, “Notice also (in the scale)…”
119, ex.16.13 The sunburst should be around A, not C.
159, ex.21.7 Add tie in alto, bar 2 to 3; delete the flat before the A in the alto of bar 3.
213, ex.25.19 The tie is missing in the soprano G between bars 3 and 4.
221, ex.
At the head of the piece it should read “cantabile, expressively”
270, fig.29.6 The “dm” symbol on the right is misplaced. It should be:gdm
267, table 28.1 In the “Easy” part of the table, line 3 of the left column should be “Two pa’s up” (instead of “Two fifths up”) and, correspondingly, the right column should be “Two pa’s down”. The “Not so easy” section must be revised as follows:
272, par 5, line 3 “Homebody” (capital H)
326, ex.32.18 bar 2, F# not Gb
326, line 10 delete “which is tonicized”
333, line 9 The end of the line should be “mentioned in the footnote on page 328.” Delete the words “(example 32.33)”.
349, line 12 Should read, ” ……… the end of chapter 22″.
365, ex. 36.7 Should be moved down one paragraph.
401, line 2 37.9 (not 37.8)
408 – 409 Move the last line of page 408 (“Play example 39.7.”) to the top of page 409.
429, line 11 Hovhaness
433, line 11 Add “greater” thusly: “….Since they generally involve a greater harmonic leap…..”
447, fig.41.3 Figure 41.3a has been printed twice; figure 41.3b has been omitted. It configures the letters so that however the circle is placed, the top letter is right-side-up.
482, ex.42.17 “x+y” should be “x+z”
502, line 3 “Figure 43.2” should be “Figure 43.4”
507 Two chord symbols are wrong. In bar 21 the symbol should be F#m7 (b5) for the full bar, and in bar 22, B7 for the full bar (thus agreeing more fully with fig. 43.10)
523 – 524 Diaschisma should precede diatonic
526 meend is out of order, mode is out of order
530 A double asterisk ** should be added after the word “DERIVATION” that heads the right-hand column, then the following footnote appended: “** In this glossary, dha refers to the 5:3 major sixth.”
538 Before Connie Coleman insert Mathew Goodheart. At the end of the next paragraph, delete “and tactical” to read “heartfelt support.”
549 To “Locrian mode, 234” add “396”
563, line 6 41.1 (not 41.41)