Maya Carroll, dancer and choreographer, dances to TRANSPARENCIES

Descending Dreams of a Transparent Body

“Where there is listening there is love” — Jennifer Wilsey

Four piano pieces embodied for a dancer in a room with a window facing the sky.

At each chapter the eye of the camera brings us closer to the body.

The dance meditates between earth and air, each frame breathes in a tangible and animated space.

The music lays a landscape within which one dreams, walks, initiates, and surrenders.

An intimacy of nearness within a contained space unveils multiple layers and foci.

As we look closer, we engage more profoundly with depth and expansion.

The collaboration between choreographer Maya M. Carroll and composer W. A. Mathieu began in spring 2020 through a correspondence of gratitude and appreciation toward the mastery of music and dance, and the wish to transfigure and recreate our space within our rooms, our minds, and our hearts.

All piano improvisations by W. A. Mathieu
Dance/choreography by Maya M. Carroll
Recorded at a residency at Lake Studios Berlin, July 2020

Learn more about the collaborative work of choreographer Maya M. Carroll and composer Roy Carroll at The Instrument.

“The Instrument works in close collaboration with a diverse circle of artists, taking an integrated approach that radiates outwards from a clear movement and sound aesthetic, permeating all aspects of the work…”

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