Listen to “For the Gladness of the World” from Transparencies


Inside the sound of music there is a stillness. Listening to that stillness is learned over many decades. What is learned is a tilt of the ear, an angle of reception, an attitude. Inayat Khan says that music is “a veil over the face” of the sacred, and what is behind that veil cannot be heard by human ears. But a warm, inviting kind of emptiness can be felt, and we are deeply drawn to the feeling. When I’m willing to trust that pristine silence I become transparent, and the music arises through my ears and fingers the way a garden blooms.

I don’t want to say much about this particular music except that it feels to me like the distillation of a life of listening. The album isn’t about anything except the wholeness of our listening when we listen to it. All those pretty titles were bestowed well after the music was made; they are mostly just verbal handles. There isn’t much outside the music to define it, no images, no story other than the narrative of the music itself as it unfolds inside you.

Dear listener, I want something from you.

I want the whole of you for one hour.

Or for however long you’re willing to devote to listening
to this music.

Just this one time.

Then you’re on your own.

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