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The sound of piano music when the pianist and the listener both become transparent.

Transparencies - W. A. Mathieu

Magic Clavier Book I
Each of these twelve compositions, one in each of the twelve keys, investigates how much harmony the ear can hear without actually leaving the home key — an expansive view of “extended modality.” There are also improvisations that chart a similar course.

Magic Clavier Book I - W. A. Mathieu

Magic Clavier Book II
The harmonic satisfaction of pan-modal music traveling through keys and returning home—myriad journeys of mysterious beauty fashioned from only twelve tones.

Magic Clavier Book II - W. A. Mathieu

Compositions for Guitar
Fluid conversations among four guitars contrast with the introspective, pure-tuned harmonies of the solo guitar.

Compositions for Guitar - W. A. Mathieu

First String Quartet
This composition is formal in the sense that ideas continually reappear in recognizable shapes and combinations; informal in the way it unfolds like a conversation among four deeply listening friends.

First String Quartet - W. A. Mathieu

Five Poems for Four Hands, for piano duo, is an extended suite of five movements each honoring an influential teacher in the composer’s life. There is also a solo piano composition honoring Robert Schumann, along with a few four-hand improvisations.

5:4 - W. A. Mathieu

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Bridge of Waves:
What Music Is and How Listening to It Changes the World

Bridge of Waves William Allaudin Mathieu
Who coaches Minerva's owl to hoot in tune? Why, it's none other than W. A. Mathieu. Music is the heart of a culture, and the philosophy of music is where we see the deepest values exposed. The deepest philosopher of music working today is W. A. Mathieu. This work describes music not as an isolated, abstracted system, but as a way of looking at the whole of reality and of being conscious of reality.

~ Jaron Lanier,
author of You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto

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